Spiritleaf was founded in 2018 and has rapidly expanded to over 50 locations across Canada. They are currently one of leading cannabis franchises in Canada and the winner of the 2020 Franchisee’s Choice award by the Canadian Franchise Association.

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Project Summary

Spiritleaf participates in many physical and virtual tradeshows across the country. Utilizing AXIS’ Intelligent Lead Nurturing, pre-marketing is executed to invite existing leads in the area to visit the booth at each tradeshow.

Conveniently Capturing Lead Information

At the booth, leads are digitally captured on tablets and mobile phones. At a virtual tradeshow, leads are captured online. All leads receive a “thank you” email at the close of the tradeshow with more information on next steps. Every single lead receives a follow-up phone call from an AXIS Franchise Recruitment Specialist.

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Franchise recruitment

Streamlined Process

Spiritleaf’s franchise leads are quickly guided towards the online application form. The professional and efficient process showcases what to expect from the brand and impresses potential franchisees.

The lead nurturing program provided by AXIS is essential for us during our busy trade show season. We are able to digitally capture our leads and have the peace of mind that every lead will receive immediate, thoughtful, and continuous follow ups from Spiritleaf after each show. AXIS’ lead nurturing solution is a must-have to maximize our trade show spend.

Courtney Richer
Franchise Relations

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