Intelligent Lead Nurturing for Fast Franchise Development

Intelligent Lead Nurturing ensures that all leads are contacted immediately and continuously. From inquiry to application, we communicate with all leads until an application is received. Our goal is to drive the highest possible volume of qualified applications, keeping your pipeline full of purchase-ready prospects.

CRM & Marketing Automation

We manage and track your leads using industry-leading software.

Phone Calls

Our friendly Recruitment Specialists call your leads at the right times.


We design beautiful email templates that encourage engagement.

Direct Mail

We mail your franchise brochure, letters, postcards, and more.

Text Messages

We automate personalized text messages to the right demographics.

Push Notifications

We capture inquiries from even more of your website visitors.

Our Methodology

We consult on the best ways to generate leads for your brand. Through trade shows, portals, SEO, and social media, we can advise you on where you’ll get the most juice for your squeeze. Ask us about our lead generation partnerships to increase your lead volume.

We set you up to capture leads on your franchising website using industry-leading CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. Gain visibility for your leads within the CRM and warm them up with the Marketing Automation platform.

As part of our process, we send a series of automated emails, direct mail pieces, text messages, and push notifications – all personalized, localized, and carefully curated for your brand. While monitoring engagement, our professionally trained Franchise Recruitment Specialists conduct phone calls on your behalf.

Our ability to warm up any volume of leads and drive qualified applications to you enables your sales team to spend their time on hot prospects.

After vetting your leads, conducting background checks, gathering references, and preparing them for what’s to come, we flip your team your qualified and purchase ready prospects who are ready to sign on the dotted line!

Your network of franchisees effortlessly continues to grow!

Timely, Personal, and Relevant Communication

We maintain awareness and increase interest. We drive engagement with your future franchisees to strengthen their relationship with your brand. Intelligent Lead Nurturing is the best way to ensure your leads choose your brand over the competition.

An Extension of your
Franchise Sales Team

We learn your brand, industry, and sales challenges. We create a custom nurturing blueprint specific to your brand. Our Franchise Recruitment Specialists become a part of your team and our process becomes part of your daily routine.

As a SMS-Magic Authorized Partner we have the knowledge to implement and integrate SMS-Magic into your lead nurturing programs. Whether you are a large or small organization, we have the expertise to incorporate SMS-Magic for your specific needs and requirements of your franchise. Contact us to see what AXIS and SMS-Magic can do for you!

Grow Now with Intelligent Lead Nurturing

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