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We intelligently nurture your potential franchisees with personalized communications. With Intelligent Lead Nurturing, you will spend ZERO time on tire-kickers.

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We promise to drive the highest possible volume of qualified applications for your franchise opportunity from the leads you’ve generated.

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Don’t let your leads fall through the cracks

Intelligent Lead Nurturing ensures that all leads are contacted immediately and continuously. It means personal and meaningful communication with your leads to increase interest and engagement. Through the execution of carefully curated drip campaigns, we cultivate a rapport with your potential franchisees to strengthen their relationship with your brand. Once we’ve vetted your leads, we deliver qualified applications to you, keeping your pipeline full of purchase-ready prospects.


Our automated process never stops. We do what it takes to reach your leads and drive applications. Through automated drip campaigns, we contact your leads via phone, email, direct mail, text messages, push notifications, and more.


Your success is our success, and we want you to have direct access to your wins. Our open reporting system delivers real-time information and analytics, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can watch your investment dollars at work. 

Cost Saving

Eliminate the need for additional internal hires. We are a cost-reducing, collaborative partner that allows your brand to allocate savings towards effective lead generation sources.

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Intelligent Lead Nurturing

Generate Leads that Matter

Invest in the right lead generation methods. We provide consultation on effectively filling your funnel. Inquire about our partnerships and integrations.

Who We Are

AXIS Integrated is your partner in integrated marketing services. We are experts in data-driven franchise sales and marketing solutions. We utilize people and technology to deliver cutting-edge, custom business solutions to our clientele. Our expertise lies in the execution of modern and powerful nurturing programs.

Intelligent Lead Nurturing is our specialty.

Work With a Distinguished Supplier to Fast-Track Your Success

AXIS Integrated was recognized as 2020’s Distinguished Franchise Support Service/Supplier, due to the outstanding contributions made to the franchise industry as a supplier to the Canadian Franchise Association members, supporting their advancements and successes.

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