Our Mission

At AXIS, we utilize people and technology to deliver cutting-edge, data-driven solutions.

Who We Are

AXIS Integrated is a database-marketing agency in Toronto. We are experts in data-driven sales and marketing solutions, CRM, and marketing automation. We specialize in the execution of modern and powerful lead and customer nurturing programs.

Since 1990, we have serviced hundreds of reputable companies and brands in many industries. With a continuously improving business model, we are currently focused on the automation of franchise development.

Our style is passionate, professional, and trustworthy. We are a group of doers dedicated to supporting our clients with their growth initiatives. It is our responsibility to enable our clients to focus on their core competencies. We embrace technological integration.

We’ve worked with franchise organizations for over 15 years, taking a consultative approach by partnering with franchisors, helping solve their franchising challenges with customized solutions. We are incredibly active in the franchising community every day, educating franchising professionals on the possibilities of fast and efficient expansion through proper data management.

In 2016, we conceptualized Intelligent Lead Nurturing. It is an innovative solution to expedite franchise growth by automating the nurturing process of potential franchisees. Since inception, we’ve helped many franchisors meet and exceed their growth targets, both locally and internationally. It is currently the most powerful franchise development solution on the market.

We are a proud sponsor of the Canadian Franchise Association and are committed to helping advance the franchise business model. As a part of the National Sponsorship, we manage the CFA’s email marketing efforts on the Act-On Marketing Automation platform.

Work With a Distinguished Supplier to Fast-Track Your Success

AXIS Integrated was recognized as 2020’s Distinguished Franchise Support Service/Supplier, due to the outstanding contributions made to the franchise industry as a supplier to the Canadian Franchise Association members, supporting their advancements and successes.

We are official strategic consulting partners of the Zoho and Act-On applications, contributing support and content to their growth initiatives as it relates to franchising in Canada.

We employ multilingual staff members, allowing us to support our clients and speak to potential franchisees in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

We work very closely with other industry suppliers and have strong relationships with many category-leading companies with franchise clients including agencies that specialize in creative, strategy, and lead generation.

Our Promise

To deliver the highest possible volume of qualified applications for your franchise opportunity from the leads you’ve generated.

To learn more about us, visit axisintegrated.ca or contact us today. We look forward to learning more about you!