Global Pet Foods

Spread across Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia, Global Pet Foods is the third largest pet specialty retailer in Canada and sixth largest in North America.

Project Summary

Leveraging their reputation in Central Canada, Global Pet Foods implemented Intelligent Lead Nurturing to expedite franchise sales on the west coast of Canada. Their data management strategy was improved by migrating lead data from inboxes and spreadsheets into Zoho CRM. The lead nurturing process was transformed from periodic contact to a structured series of educational touchpoints sent via Act-On. Email creative was designed to purposefully guide qualified leads to “Apply Today!”.

Outsourced Call Management

Having kicked off aggressive advertising and lead generation initiatives in the west, Global Pet Foods entrusted AXIS Franchise Recruitment Specialists to handle introductory calls with new leads. In turn, time was freed up for the franchise development team to handle site selection, interviews, disclosure and discovery. Ultimately, without having to spend time speaking to tire-kickers, time was freed up to spend on strategic initiatives and activities required to penetrate the western provinces.

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