SMS-Magic is a powerful messaging platform that enables better business conversations across multiples channels, including text messaging, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

SMS-Magic allows us to enhance our intelligent lead nurturing programs for franchise development by expanding our messaging capabilities. In addition to phone calls and email marketing, we can now offer compliant and robust text messaging with Zoho CRM integration.

Engage and convert more leads

When a new inbound lead contacts you, text messaging is the best channel to respond and drive an interactive conversation.

Omni Channel /

Multi Channel

CRM driven messaging allows you to mix channels in your sales process, either as part of automated cadence or manual touch-points.

Integration With Zoho CRM

Have secure and meaningful conversations with your customers, right inside Zoho.

Omnichannel Customer Support

Omnichannel messaging gives your business the ability to converse with consumers across all channels, right from your CRM inbox.

Mobile Accessibility

Access all customer conversations from your smartphone, delight customers with lightning-fast responses, and keep all consent and customer info synced with your Zoho account.

Increase Attendance

And Traffic

When reminded and alerted about meetings and events, consumers are more likely to show up. CRM-driven automated text messaging enables a seamless notification process.

Send automated SMS messages

Trigger automated messages to be sent to customers via SMS for various time-sensitive communications such as response to new inquiries, meeting confirmations, follow-ups, and more.

Personalized Messages

Compose and schedule personalized drip messaging campaigns to reach up to 50,000 records at a time. Include short branded URLs to promote your competencies. Track message opens and click rates.

Automated Compliance

Converse compliance assures that your business text messaging is compliant. Converse supports GDPR, TCPA, CASL, CCPA and more. Focus more on creating personal conversations with your audience, instead of worrying about failures and fines.

As a SMS-Magic Authorized Partner we have the knowledge to implement and integrate SMS-Magic into your lead nurturing programs. Whether you are a large or small organization, we have the expertise to incorporate SMS-Magic for your specific needs and requirements of your franchise. Contact us to see what AXIS and SMS-Magic can do for you!

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