AXIS Integrated is an award-winning data management agency that leverages best-in-class people and technology to provide their franchisor clients data-driven sales and marketing solutions that drive business growth. They place Act-On at the center of their efforts because our growth marketing platform is proven, powerful, and easy to use.

Since AXIS began using Act-On to execute lead nurturing and funnel optimization strategies on behalf of their franchisor clients, they’ve drastically increased leads, lead-to-application rates, and franchise sales for customers like COBS Bread, Pizza Pizza, and more. Not only are they producing impressive results with Act-On, but our growth marketing platform empowers their organization to save time, money, and resources as they collect, manage, and leverage valuable engagement and behavioral data. This information is the basis for a dynamic nurturing experience across multiple channels.

“Act-On is a key component in our ability to enable franchisors to automatically communicate with their franchise leads. It is the only marketing automation platform we recommend. Our clients see quick success after implementing a lead nurturing program with Act-On under the hood.”

Corey Nicholson
Vice President, Business Development

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As a SMS-Magic Authorized Partner we have the knowledge to implement and integrate SMS-Magic into your lead nurturing programs. Whether you are a large or small organization, we have the expertise to incorporate SMS-Magic for your specific needs and requirements of your franchise. Contact us to see what AXIS and SMS-Magic can do for you!

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