Intelligent Lead Nurturing for franchise sales enables a sales team to focus on their main objectives – closing their hot prospects. It is much more than email marketing, but rather a necessary component of a well-oiled franchise sales machine. Using an integration of Zoho CRM and Act-On for marketing automation, our intelligent lead nurturing solution answers many of the common issues that franchisors face. In this episode, Corey explains some of these issues and he also stresses the importance of accountability, defined responsibilities, and the standard for what defines a good team when he talks about investing right upfront.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The areas where some franchises fail
  • How can franchisors effectively equip their sales team?
  • Automation + Warm Human Service
  • Going upfront with the right partners and a slick lead nurturing campaign
  • Validate Your Concept: The steps to take right after